Surrogate Liquor Advertising for Whiskey & Beer in India for Diageo Brands ? How RIN connected with Aspirational Indian House-Wife ? Divya Khanna on Jagged with Jasravee

Divya shares her experience of working on Liquor Brands in India. She observes that it was very challenging, communicating/ advertising a product when you cannot show it or talk about it. Nor would the liquor brands do any promotions which could seen as an attempt to encourage consumption. For example they would never do any promotions like ‘buy one and one free’.

Since liquor marketing cannot show the product, the marketing focuses on the occasion of consumption. It tries to capture the mood consumers will be in when consuming the product or enables creating the mood in which the consumers will consume the product.

Brand Signature is for consumers that value achievement. It is for those on the move. Brand Black Dog on the other hand is for moments of contemplation, for internal introspection.

Liquor advertising has been about 'out of home' consumption. All moods showcased in advertising have been about out of home consumption. At home consumption has never been encouraged. So it will be interesting to see how brands are adapting to the changed COVID times when the home has become the destination for all re-creation and entertainment.

Divya dwells on the usage of Neuro-marketing. Does Neuro-marketing provide any extra precision, is it an added asset in the marketing toolbox? When you are selling images and moods and not a tangible product it becomes challenging to use conventional market research.Market Research measures system 1 and system 2 thinking. System 1 is the brain's automatic, intuitive, and unconscious thinking mode. It requires little energy or attention, but it is often biased prone. System 1 is more influential and guides our day-to-day decisions.

System 1 is very important since it is the unconscious desires we have. You cannot take consumers for what they say. And this where Neuroscience comes to our aid in measuring system 1 processes of the brain. Neuroscience is evolving with brain science.With EEG and eye track you can measure now what could not be tracked and understood earlier. Critical measures like where attention is spiking or faltering can now be very clearly seen.

For every ad testing presentation a Doctor is present. Since the Ad testing is about mood, emotion and not rational information; Eye tracking and EEG does a moment by moment analysis. Critical measures like where attention is spiking or faltering can now be very clearly seen. And through eye tracking we can see where the eye is going. Since we know that no ad can have high attention all the time, with this understanding you can ensure that key message and the branding is placed where attention of the viewer is maximum.So ad diagnostics takes on a whole new meaning.

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