How can Digital Transformation Increase Marketing Effectiveness. Disruption in Media, Advertising by Niyati Srivastava


How can digital transformation improve marketing effectiveness?

How the ad-based broadcasting model of broadcasters has to transform in post-Covid world?

How brand marketing and performance marketing needs to be combine to deliver the best of both worlds? Niyati Srivastava, Consulting Lead- Digital Strategy & Transformation, Cognizant Consulting, London, U.K. answers the above questions and also points out digital marketing trends that she is going to bet on - conversational marketing and advertising blockchain.

On digital transformation for marketing effectiveness, Niyati talks about the quest for rightful attribution and performance marketing. She emphasizes on streamlining backend so that businesses are ready to scale up and respond to competition and the market faster is what digital transformation in the media and marketing sector is all about. When it comes to marketing, going digital has had massive consequences. Now properties of digital media such as more accurate metrics, combined with interactivity, have created whole new marketing opportunities.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. What gets measured gets managed – attribution and visibility across the media supply chain helps in understanding what is working, what’s not. Different campaigns have different objectives, and based on these objectives, marketers measure success differently- whether it is to increasing awareness or marketing to existing customers to increase retention.

Niyati also dwells on how Covid has ensured that this may be 'the Year of the IP' as the ad based broadcasting model is severely under pressure. Sports going to struggle we know - there's a question mark still on the Olympics. Matches without audiences have an impact on sports rights. The key narrative across our broadcasting clients is the shift to digital - and it’s a whole different arena where building IP as a business model will yield better than being a broadcasting company. Already we are seeing the scene changing with south London becoming a production hub.