Sonic Branding Process & Examples - Mastercard, Zomato, HDFC- Audio Brand Identity is Sound Strategy


If the whole world was blind, how will your brand be recognized ?

How do you make brand like Master Card , HDFC Bank sing ?  

How to create a unique sonic identity, audio signature for digital businesses like Zomato in an increasing digital world, with rising importance of voice ? 

Rajeev Raja, Soundsmith & Founder, Brand Musiq, takes us through the fundamentals and process of Sonic Branding musical logo or a MOGO®  . He explains the use of sound to reinforce your brand identity, just as you would use certain colours or words to design a brand identity.  He talks about case studies of Mastercard, Zomato, HDFC Bank and how he helped developed a Sonic Brand Identity for these brands. 

Rajeev defines Sonic Branding as capturing the sonic essence of a brand in musical terms. This musical essence or music logo (or MOGO) evokes the brand's core values, emotions and persona. Sonic branding is about making sure that your organization is ‘heard’, as well as seen. Every location where your target audience can hear your brand is an opportunity for the MOGO® to make an impression. So, it is critical for your brand to be sonically consistent across these consumer ear-points.

According to a research paper by the University of Leicester (United Kingdom), brands with music that fit their brand identity are 96 per cent more likely to be recalled than those with non-fit music or no music at all.

In the past, in the world of TV advertising the brand-audio connection was largely through jingles. Brands used used the jingle to create an easily identifiable mnemonic. But the world has changed dramatically now. Customers do not want to be sold a message through a jingle. They want to develop a meaningful connection and experience the brand . Sonic branding becomes part of the customer’s experience with the brand and is aligned to the brand identity & imagery, consistent with brand’s personality, background, competition and culture.

Rajeev Raja's Brand Musiq has created the musical logo for HDFC. The musical logo or MOGO will help to form a powerful connect and recall among its various stake-holders across platforms.The MOGO echoes the core values that HDFC Bank as a brand stands for in the minds of customers and second is the dynamic nature of the business today. The digital element signifies the contemporary and youthful quality of the bank, which is constantly adapting to meet the needs and requirements of the target audience.

Rajeev Raja also takes us through the global Mastercard Sonic Branding that he developed couple pf years back. The melody would play whenever consumers used their cards in physical, digital and voice environments. Even HDFC has a sonic branding of its own.

Rajeev and his company Brand Musiq has also done the Sonic Branding for Zomato, that already has a very strong digital presence. The sonic branding includes developing an audio signature for a number of important transactions are happening behind the screen, like order acceptance, delivery partners reaching the destination etc. This allows for consumers to get audio notifications without having to lift a finger. The Zomato audio signature has won a Digital Disruption award by ET and is recognized for its memorability.