Welspun Flooring Case Study - Category Creation, Product Innovation by Meraj Hasan- How to Disrupt Flooring ?

The key question on Disruption of Flooring by Welspun Flooring that Meraj answers is

  1. Could you explain the innovation that has the potential to change how we look at a floor?
  2. What were the existing beliefs and how did the various marketing efforts intend to change them?
  3. How did you use influencer marketing - Masaba ? Why? What was the intention? 
  4. Elaborate on Spatium in context of office design; relevance in Covid times? 

Typically when you look at home decor category it is  largely unorganised. There are a few brands like Asian Paints, Kajaria Ceramics etc. These brands have educated the consumer and you have a shortening cycle of purchase where the customer wants to change the decor more frequently.  

But does this apply to flooring ? The answer is emphatic No. Flooring is available in limited colors, grey and white. Also, it is considered a very lengthy process to get it changed. You have to move out of the house. There is dust and mess in the house. The innovation by Welspun Flooring enables the change of a flooring in just 1 day. There is a click and lock system that enables that. Besides it is available in many colours  and textures for home, corporate and hospitality sector needs. The installation is dust and noise free. And these floors are easy to maintain

When the product itself was disruptive, the marketing too had to be disruptive as well. So it was a multi pronged strategy. We used Mr Amitabh Bachchan, who is also as a Welspun Brand ambassador. He had already been an endorser for Welspun bed sheets and towels. This helped us break clutter and a new sheen of credibility.

Then we had to convey the ease of installation and impact on experience of living. We made three ads with a young couple, most likely early adopters. I thought of taking a relatable couple. The couple Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena are a couple in a TV series as well as in real life. That chemistry was very important and I ensured that by picking this couple. In the ads we have taken three different situations, home, vacation and corporate. So we wanted to show ease of changing the flooring for all the three sectors. And we have explained the product innovation with nice music in an engaging manner. 


The influencer program, a digital chat series called ‘Masters of Design’ was taken up because in the home construction as well as interior design sector the architects are the ones who dictate the terms. So they need to be appeased. To be able to have an eye level conversation with the architects we decided to take up this influencer program. And when we took up an association with  Masaba Gupta and Elle Decor. This association helped us pick all the desired associations. Hafeez Contractor is like Amitabh Bachchan of the architect world. Once he featured in this program called ‘Masters of Design’; other architects also started calling us to be part of the program. We were trying to create a ‘Koffee With Karan’ parallel in the architects and designers mind. 

The Spatium was a beautiful program we took up to enable behaviour change as was required for the Covid times. When people step out they can forget how much distance to keep. Our video was to show case how this can be done in style; with flooring that is a stylish reminder of how to keep the distance.

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