Luxury Marketing Strategy for Gurkha -World's Most Expensive Cigars, Super Brand for the Ultra Rich

How to re-invent a hundred year old dying Indian Cigar brand founded in 1887 and transform it to a premium global super brand for the ultra-rich ?
How did an Indian Parsi Guy, based in Florida, disrupt cigar consumption in 1992 by taking inspiration from the Great Indian Curry ?
How to launch a super-luxury brand in India (which retails at high-end at USD 3000 per stick ) and ensure it becomes a roaring success in five years ?

Danny Carroll, serial entrepreneur and brand ambassador of Gurkha in India answers the above questions and many more as he takes us onto a fascinating ride of how a brand of Indian cigars founded in 1887 patronized by the British Army was re-invented by an enterprising Parsi gentleman based in Florida, Mr Kaizad Hansotia. Mr Hansotia re-invented cigars and disrupted the category ensuring that Gurkha became the world's finest cigars. Today, Gurkha has over 105 Brands. 

Danny talks about how he & team Gurkha launched Gurkha in India and how they displaced far cheaper Cuban cigars. He takes us on a fascinating journey of how they created the infrastructure, the community & the market for cigar consumption in India. He also talks about how they marketed to the super-rich in India, making the brand synonymous with the best the money can buy, and an essential treat at the wedding of the super-rich including a certain Mr. Mukesh Ambani.